July 24

Press Kit

 Fact Sheet:

Release Date: Early 2015

Website: www.adversarialmanifesto.com

Social: Facebook

Price: TBA

Press Contact:  contact@adversarialmanifesto.com

Platform Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=335461781


In Adversarial Manifesto, players attempt to outdo each other by crafting commentary

on the world around them from lists of random words. Dodge your adversaries hail of text

while you fire off words of wisdom to forge your manifesto.


  • Local multiplayer

  • Online multiplayer

  • 8 characters with unique word lists

  • 4  levels with individual quirks

  • Words of the week

  • Social media intergration

  • In-game global quote rankings



 AM_Game_play_05 AM_Game_play_07

 AM_Game_play_02 AM_Game_play_01

 AM_Game_play_03 AM_Game_play_04

Game Art:

idle01 idle03idle_01idle01


 idle01 Idle_01 idle01 idle_01

AM_meet_x AM_meet_eleanor AM_meet_lizzie2 AM_meet_cubeM


Soundtrack created by the awesome




adversarial  manifesto soundtrack on Soundcloud

Michael Trott’s website


The Team:

Andrew Maxwell – Code   Frazer Burrows – Art  Scotty Aquilina – Code   Matthew Korda – Art